Peter Klubek

Peter Klubek

Hello SCIP members!

As your new coordinator I was asked to provide a brief introduction. I am a fairly recent librarian, having completed my MLIS in 2011. Since then I have been employed in Magnolia Library at Baton Rouge Community College in the capitol city of Louisiana. I am a reference librarian/fine arts liaison and sometimes department chair for the library.

Although I am a newish librarian I am not new to the library environment. I worked my way through college by being employed in one library or another all throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies. My background is in studio art, having completed both a  bachelor’s and master’s in drawing/painting. Being an artist and teaching art is what I always thought I wanted to do. However, after teaching at two different colleges for approximately five years, I began to realize that I really missed being in the library. I withdrew my teaching position, went to library school, and the rest is history.

I am still an active artist. I have my own website, and try to exhibit my work a few times per year. In fact, I am part of a group show coming up in June at the Polish Consulate in New York city. I am very exited to be a part of SCIP. There is a lot of god energy in this group, and I believe that we can really expand the role of artist/librarians and creativity in the library!


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