Members of the SCIP SIG will explore how creativity applies to the work of art information professionals and how creative engagement can move the Library beyond its traditional roles. The group will act as an ongoing support community for personal creative practice by exploring ways to make time in our workday for nurturing creativity, examining how personal artistic practices enhance our work as information professionals, and learning effective ways to foster creativity in others. The group will also explore the idea of the library as an incubator of creative discovery by looking at ways to incorporate creatively charged workshops, exhibitions and events into library spaces giving library users opportunities for research and a means to practice hands-on engagement with ideas and knowledge. Members of the SCIP SIG may also plan events such as ARLIS/NA-member art exhibits, workshops (possibly tapping local creative talent) and conference sessions. Creative people of all persuasions and the creatively-curious are encouraged to join the group.

Some SCIP members participated in the 2014 ARLIS/NA Conference Online Exhibition. Check out their bios:

Here’s a link to our first newsletter:


If you would like to be involved with SCIP, or would like your name and website to be displayed on the membership page, please email: ARLIS.SCIP@gmail.com


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