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Welcome to the shiny new ARLIS/NA Stimulating Creativity in Practice Special Interest Group website, or SCIP SIG for short! Here you will find minutes from past ARLIS/NA meetings, ideas for conference sessions, online exhibitions from our members, and discussion posts on anything to do with how creativity shapes our profession and vice versa.

As of August 2014, we have over 100 SCIP members. Read all about our mission on the “About” page.


ARLIS/NA Online Art Exhibition, 2014



If you haven’t done so already, please check out the SCIP Exhibit!

This online exhibit was developed by the Stimulating Creativity In Practice group for the 2014 ARLIS/NA National Conference in D.C.

works by:

Annette Haines
Eric M. Wolf
Elizabeth Hollenbeck
Gabriella Solti
Marcie Farwell
Marianne Sade
Marta Chudolinska
Robert Lobe
Claire Dannenbaum
Hillary Veeder
Peter Klubek
Kai Alexis Smith
Rene Aranzamendez
Laura Graveline
Isabel Ayres
Greta Bahnemann
Cynthia Gregory

SCIP members Elizabeth Hollenbeck and Angela Weaver collaborated to showcase this amazing work in advance of the 2014 Annual Conference.  Visitors can browse by item, artist or medium (paintings, sculpture/3D, prints/mixed-media/collage, textiles, and photographs).

SCIP First Newsletter

When SCIP was formed back in 2013, we created a newsletter to publicize who we are and what we do. The newsletter has evolved into this very website.

Here’s the link:

The newsletter includes an opening greeting from Annette Haines, our SCIP facilitator, a membership list, and a couple of posts by our members about their work and research. You’ll also find the minutes from our first meeting at the 2013 ARLIS/NA Conference in Pasadena.


Meeting Minutes from ARLIS/NA Annual Conference 2014, Washington D.C.

SCIP Meeting Minutes
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference 2014, Washington D.C.
Fri, May 2, 2pm – 3pm
Room: Roosevelt, Grand Hyatt

In Attendance: Marcie Farwell, Ellen Petraits, Tad Suzuki, Leigh Gates, Jack Robertson, Marianne Sade, Marta Chudolinska, Gabrielle Reed, Kimberly Lesley, Robert Lobe, Jennifer Friedman, Ben Howell, Angela Weaver, Kristen Kern, Sarah Carter

  • Welcome and introductions

The meeting convened at approximately 2:00 p.m. by Annette Haines who thanked members for attending. Attendees introduced themselves and described their creative practice if they had one.

  • Creating a SCIP website/newsletter

Ideas for creating a SCIP website were discussed. The site could provide information about the group, it’s members, policies, upcoming events, member profiles, meeting minutes, newsletters, etc. Leslie Vega (not in attendance) expressed interest in continuing on as newsletter editor. Kimberly Lesley volunteered to assist Leslie with the creation of a SCIP website. Anyone else interested in helping with the website and/or newsletter should contact Leslie (lesliemartavega@gmail.com) or Kim (klesley@uarts.edu)

  • Discussed doing a member survey to find out more about each other. Annette will draft this up and send it out soon.
  • Member’s Exhibition – plans for next conference

Rob Lobe floated the idea of having a physical exhibition in conjunction with the 2015 ARLIS/NA conference. In order to avoid the complications of having to insure works, he suggested an exhibit of small works to be sold to benefit a charity. (After the meeting, Annette spoke with Kai Alexis (kaialexis@gmail.com) who is working with the Diversity committee to reach out to Library Schools that encourage undergraduates to explore the path of Librarianship. Kai hopes we might consider partnering with the Diversity committee and perhaps using the funds raised with the small works exhibit to help an underrepresented student attend the ARLS/NA annual conference).

Rob thought it best if we could connect with an art cooperative or gallery in the Fort Worth area. Any SCIP members in the Forth Worth area are asked to please contact Rob (rlobe@sva.edu) or Annette (ahaines@umich.edu)

An Omeka online exhibit would archive the exhibit. Angela Weaver and Ben Howell agreed to work on the Omeka exhibit. Anyone interested in helping with this should contact Angela (aw6@u.washington.edu) or Ben (ben.howell@gmail.com)

  • Communications – email list, Facebook, Google+

We have over 100 SCIP members on the SCIP email list. Far fewer are in the Facebook and Google+ SCIP groups. Annette will post some guidelines about posting the the SCIP email list and is hoping that this will encourage people to share ideas and information on the list. Members can still feel free to post to the Facebook and Google+ lists, but the email list will be our main mode of communication.

  • Announcement of SCIP members involvement in Sessions (please let Annette ahaines@umich.edu know if you were involved in a session and it was not mentioned here)

-Christine Cavalier – Mapping the Boston Built Environment: History Pin in the Classroom
-Sara Carter – Surprise! Pop-Up Libraries Where You Least Expect Them
-Gar Ginther, Judy Donovan, Jamie Lausch Vander Broek, Amanda H. Brown, Megan Lotts, Jill E. Luedke – Of, By, For the Artist: The Library as Venue for Student Creativity
-Marcie Farwell – The Ar(t)chive: The Intersection of Artists and Archives through Collaboration
-Jennifer Friedman – Designing an Information Literacy MOOC for Art Students

  • Session ideas for next year

We will take this up on the SCIP email list. Please email ideas to ARLISNA-SCIP@umich.edu

  • Long-range goals – brainstorming

Also to be continued on the SCIP email list. Please email ideas to ARLISNA-SCIP@umich.edu

  • Meeting adjourned at approximately 3:00pm